How to demonstrate?

Amaze Your Friends With The Ability To Manipulate Light With Your Bare Hands. Casually Pass The Light From One Hand To The Other, Through Your Body Or Any Solid Object. This Trick Can Be Performed Literally Within Seconds Of Opening It.

 ②Tore The Light In Half


Put ''It'' Into My Pocket


You can pretend to get some money from the table.
Keep putting it in your pocket again and again.


④Drop & Catch

Pretend to put one in your mouth, and pull it out of your ear.



Imitate the movement of basketball between the two hands, the movement should be smooth,

switch the left and right lights.

Produce a feeling of having a small ball in your hand.


⑥Drink Water


Just imagine your audience's amazement when you reach into thin air with a hand that's clearly empty

and pluck a glowing ball of red light out of nowhere



  Turns On And Off, At Your Full Control.
Good Magical Tricks Prop To Amaze Others.
Fantasy Effect That You Can Make Out.